Wednesday, August 10, 2011

While She Sings

While she sings
A quiet man dismembers a doll and sands down its parts
Finding again its always easier to take someone apart
Than put them back together
El Greco's Christ stops on the sidewalk and sees her
So much beauty behind the glass
He comes inside but still can't get any closer, than ever
You took Bedlam for his Golgotha but he says it was Rikers
The place is clean and well lit
But you don't have insomnia anymore
You're just tired of sleeping, alone
It hurts me, too, she sings, and you believe her


          All the mirrors go dark
           There is nothing there
                 Worth knowing

When in Love's Illusion Blessed

When in love's illusion blessed
I thought my loneliness dispelled
I all my happiness confessed
And my hopes and dreams did tell

To the one who acted as keeper of my heart
To the very guardian of my soul
The one to whom I gave my second-best part
Her who made all my broken places whole

In mystery I found my separateness increased
At the cost of all that is best kept within
So I made solitude my masterpiece
And intimacy my most grievous sin

Let her only so close as my body would allow
Exulting in the running of her fingertips on my flesh
Yet reluctant still to surrender my past for now
Permitted us solely the bond of that transient caress

What I believed was love, she believed withholding
What I would keep as mine, she would rather claim
And time all the while its changes was unfolding
It was this gave our love such fleeting fame

Perhaps this is a common story, perhaps a twice-familiar tale
Perhaps love dying must always come to this
That in the pain of its rendering, its brightness is leached pale
And sealed for life with a vampire's kiss 


I can never remember the words of the poets
My head is full of all kinds of junk and baseball statistics
I'll take my chances anyway
I can't remember the words of the prophets either
But I get the gist
The law I never paid any attention to
Believing it is mercy and not sacrifice that is wanted
I just hope they'll see it that way


Doctor Ferguson stretches
      Her long lovely legs
                  I'm fine

One Love

Hope Road is where you find it
And where else could it be
Some occurrences are beyond irony
That he should be found there is one of these
Jah lives, and the soul of man never dies
And his prophets wear the raiment of lions
And cool themselves in the dust
Unfettered and scarred
There is no wire fence in his creation
Not one among you recollects
That a guitar may be fashioned
Of a sardine box, castaway bamboo
And some chicken wire
Or by stretching an inner tube 
Across the barn door
Blessed are the poor in spirit
For they shall know the kingdom of God
It is possible they already dwell there
Who can talk, talk
Who can make anything, make
And who can sing, sing
And me sing
Jah lives, and the soul of man never dies
I and I know that God would have as many manifestations as children
Do you think that when Jesus comes he would look like you?

Nixon Comes to the Monuments

O, if only I could make them see
If only they would listen
But there's so many of them, together
And I am just one
And there is so much that separates us
They know nothing of football
And I've never been blown
Still there is this that joins us
None of us ever knew the country we loved
Here's the secret, here's what you still don't know
That no thought was ever given
The argument was just for show
Let loose the birds, set the valley on fire
Watch the smoke rise from the valley below



                                                Because your eyes
                                  Are more constant than the skies
                                          I would dare any weather

The Act of Love

Such an immortal act of kindness
To shed your clothes with such offhand grace
While letting me look upon you
And then slide in beside me
And say with a smile
So where do we begin tonight?


When you walk all over me
Think a kind word
For you were always kind
To me
Or didn't you know I thought that of you?
Be generous, when you think your kind words
For you were always generous
To me
Or didn't you know I thought that of you?
Didn't you know it was you made it so bearable for a while?
When you stop here
Be sure to take the right path when you go on
You were right about this place
I get to see so many people here without having to face them
The cross I could not bear in my lifetime I get to hold up now

Folk Music

How can any melody be new?
There's but so many notes, and
The world has had so much time to play them

All real songs are old
Born in the same place and time