Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One Love

Hope Road is where you find it
And where else could it be
Some occurrences are beyond irony
That he should be found there is one of these
Jah lives, and the soul of man never dies
And his prophets wear the raiment of lions
And cool themselves in the dust
Unfettered and scarred
There is no wire fence in his creation
Not one among you recollects
That a guitar may be fashioned
Of a sardine box, castaway bamboo
And some chicken wire
Or by stretching an inner tube 
Across the barn door
Blessed are the poor in spirit
For they shall know the kingdom of God
It is possible they already dwell there
Who can talk, talk
Who can make anything, make
And who can sing, sing
And me sing
Jah lives, and the soul of man never dies
I and I know that God would have as many manifestations as children
Do you think that when Jesus comes he would look like you?

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