Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lessons of the Game

Be quick, but don't hurry, taught the old coach
For when you hurry, you make mistakes
There is always much more time than you think
Which does not mean at the end you won't regret
Most of those seconds you wasted

Arrogance: The Method

Our exercise for group today, announced the
     acting master
Is to portray the henhouse
Upon learning that armageddon is nigh
The orders have been given, the
     overrides countermanded
The missiles are flying
The holocaust is come
So the feathers flew as the actors flurried
     from their roosts
Clucked about excitedly, pecked each
     other to shreds
Hailed Chicken Little as a prophet, and
    wished they'd listened
Only Brando remained motionless, sitting
    stock still,saying nothing
Concentrating on the task of hatching eggs
"What the fuck do chickens know about
    nuclear war?" reasoned he

On Listening to Like a Rolling Stone (Again)

Thunderous fairy tale
With a simple moral:
Beware the perils of prosperity
And the falsity of compassion
You don't know how it feels
Unless you've been there
And you can't visit
To have only yourself is freedom
And terror


It's not so much that there must be more than this
            As it is that what there is, is enough
                       You might have to die a lot of times to know

Shining Path

When did the Andes not mock the age?
Once, and again
Time does outlast the mountains
And man does outlast time
When the sun winks out at last
There will still be time, enough

Man's Angels

That old sun will rise
In a child's bright eyes
Time always flies


The boots the men work in rest on the porch
The light on the ambulance sheds sparks like a torch
I watch from a step because no one waits for me
Timothy Clugan's been in bed twenty-two years,
                    And then he fell
But it's his wife they carry away
John Dolan's been dead now twenty-two years.
                     I lived to tell
Without determining to stay
In twice as many almost I understood last
                                                   Why people pray
The wind knocked wrens from the branches
                                                   This morning yesterday

Dog on a Chain

Dog on a chain
What do you think he wants more?
To get off that chain?
Or to chain up everyone else?
Or just to bite someone or something?
It depends if you're in or out of the storm, I guess

Here's the hardest of the law:
You are righteous only as you suffer
Which excuses no transgressions
And you would have children
No soul yet ever clamored to be born
And living is only consolation 

Euphony (Tomorrow's Sunrise)

Lucinda Williams
Emmylou Harris
Larks in the trenches

Emmylou Harris
Lucinda Williams
Larks in the trenches

Lucinda Williams
Emmylou Harris
Larks in the trenches

Don't be so shy
Margo Timmins
I almost forgot


Immigrant man aspires
Scales a mountain of tires
For me


Infinite wisdom
The snow in the trees
Spring will arrive

Last Poem

First he went to the show, not to disappoint the boy
People die 
They die all the time
That's mostly what they do

He killed him, but you were the murderer
He came home because he didn't want to die in the rain
No wake, no funeral
And the album he was listening to was Time Out of Mind

What are the last thought
 Of a man on the train
                 In the rain, halted between stations
                                                 By flooding further down the line?