Friday, January 13, 2012


To look at anything straight
With any degree of honesty
Is to be mad
Divorced of context
Nothing can withstand such scrutiny

Consider: The incivility of mirrors
The angularity of time
The power of snow
The justice of loneliness
The insularity of caution
The risk of daylight
The tenure of confidence
The intricacy of breath
The honor of mendacity

There are times I rage, times I tremble
Sometimes it's time to go up on the bridge and blow your horn
I couldn't shoot down a mad dog in the middle of the street


Dance the dance
Trance the trance
Trance the dance
Dance the trance

Host the host
Ghost the ghost
Ghost the host
Host the ghost

Play the play
Gray the gray
Gray the play
Play the gray

Time the time
Rhyme the rhyme
Time the rhyme
Rhyme the time

Eye the eye
Why the why
I the I
Eye the why
Why the I
I the why
I the eye
Why the eye
Eye the I

        Come over

Pittsburgh, Schizophrenia

For every mill, a flower
And for me