Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When in Love's Illusion Blessed

When in love's illusion blessed
I thought my loneliness dispelled
I all my happiness confessed
And my hopes and dreams did tell

To the one who acted as keeper of my heart
To the very guardian of my soul
The one to whom I gave my second-best part
Her who made all my broken places whole

In mystery I found my separateness increased
At the cost of all that is best kept within
So I made solitude my masterpiece
And intimacy my most grievous sin

Let her only so close as my body would allow
Exulting in the running of her fingertips on my flesh
Yet reluctant still to surrender my past for now
Permitted us solely the bond of that transient caress

What I believed was love, she believed withholding
What I would keep as mine, she would rather claim
And time all the while its changes was unfolding
It was this gave our love such fleeting fame

Perhaps this is a common story, perhaps a twice-familiar tale
Perhaps love dying must always come to this
That in the pain of its rendering, its brightness is leached pale
And sealed for life with a vampire's kiss 

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