Monday, January 16, 2012

American Elegance

Ulysses S. Grant told his doctor
Fact is I think I'm a verb
A verb is anything that signifies to be
To do, to suffer
Fact is, I signify all three

Allen Iverson is a verb meaning
To get from here to there
Like that!  (The way he did it)
Your game is what you are

Sister Edward Mary played the autoharp for us
Though not like Kilby Snow
But even so, even so

I was never afraid of anything living
Was what the gunslinger told me
Except for ghosts
And now I've outlived that

The pure products of America go crazy
Wrote the kindly physician
But, Josie, I'm still feeling pretty good
For an old man in my condition

Got to find some peace and quiet
I've been listening to John Cage
There is the real American elegance
Said Pablo Picasso while gazing upon Honest Abe

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