Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seven Muddy Horses

The first time I saw them in a dream
Loping through a mountain pass
The next time I saw them was in town
Coming cross the river bridge
Running fast
Seven muddy horses

On one sat a rider
His face a mask, of grim countenance
     and death
Red roses where his eyes had been
And no one rode the rest
Seven muddy horses

The next time I saw them
Was on the burying ground
Standing in a herd at a respectful distance
With their heads bowed down
Seven muddy horses

John Brown rode a cock horse
Jesus rode a mule
One of them was a savior
The other a madman and a fool
I'm not afraid of dying, especially out of doors
But I'm not going to any more funerals, especially yours
Sometimes late at night when the candles are burning
And there's no one else around
That's when I hear the sound
Seven muddy horses
Seven muddy horses
Seven muddy horses
Going down 

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