Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Key of Regret

The birds are already singing
But it ain't really morning yet
And every note and trill just goes to tell
That D is the key of regret

I don't know when I first learned it
But it's one of those things you never do forget
Probably it was the jukebox that taught me
That D is the key of regret

Two strangers were talking
And they asked if I could help them
    settle a bet
I said I didn't know for sure if it was
    Leonard Cohen or Gram Parsons
But I knew for sure that D is the
    key of regret

In some dark corner of some dark bar
Someone maybe you've never 
     even met
Is sitting by their lonesome wondering
    where you are
And if you know that D is the
    key of regret

It was right when I went to call
    that number
And only then that I did begin
    to suspect
That you preferred to do another
Known as "D is the Key of Regret"

When I said I could love you
You know you weren't supposed to take that as a threat
Now you know that all real songs are olf
And that D is the key of regret

Sometimes in a dark night, I think on all I've done
And I remember things not done yet
Then I pick up my guitar and it plays for me
D is the key of regret

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