Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Night Blues

A silence after the midnight train's passing by stirs things up
 Night birds return to their roosts, and the wind runs off to some
     newer place
It is just like the night
To play tricks when you're trying to be so quiet
Without realizing he's slept, he wakes again
Another three-ten
The old man overhead snuffles and moans
Soundlessly the bedroom door opens
And a ginger cat pads across the room
Vaults to the window ledge 
And gazes into the night

                                Perhaps this is the way it will be
                                        Together you could have done some things
                                        No more warm spot on the sheets to move to after she's woken
                                        You're older now
                                           She'll be harder to find
                                            To be passed by
                                                    While recording that which the act distances you from
                                        To work with words
                                                        To discern shape among the shadows
                                           To get it right
                                                            To wait on the judgment of others
                                          To sleep
                                            Places we've been
                                              In the early dawn he awoke, and did not mind
                                          He thought, Once I tried to kill myself
                                           A long walk on the ice
                                              There's more than one way to do it, you know
                                                                          His heart stuttered, and he went on

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